To say that they’re beautiful would be an understatement.  In fact, words just can begin to describe what you’ve given us.  I will honestly, and sincerely, cherish these images for the rest of my life.  There are so many that capture exactly how we were feeling… and so many that will become heirlooms for years to come.  You are incredibly talented… I knew that before I saw these pictures.  But after looking through these images, I’ve decided this is what you were meant to do.  There is no one in the world that could’ve done a better job, could’ve captured the emotion of that event, and there is no one I would’ve rather had in that room with me… sharing this experience.  You.  Are.  Truly.  Incredible.
– Leah


This year has been very difficult for our family.  It doesn’t mean we should stop living and enjoying the family and home we have built…

Your images capture all of the things I love about my family; the beautiful faces of our children, our ability to laugh and enjoy simple things, playing in the yard with the chickens, and having quiet moments with each other as husband and wife, which you captured beautifully.

What I am saying is, I am going to treasure these photos forever, because no matter what challenges happen in our family, these photos prove our love for each other and our ability to smile and have fun, even in the tough times.

I love these photos so much and they will have a prominent place in our home, always.

We will think of you and smile each time we look at them.
We love you!

Your friend and artistic admirer,


The DVD arrived today…it’s unbelievable.  I just relived the whole day, and you do such an incredible job.  I don’t even know how to say how special this is – from the DVD cover to your favorite pictures (which are mine, too!!) – you’ve given us the best parts of our best day.  There are so many shots that Jon and I both love; we’re going to have a hard time choosing — how do people ever choose?!?!!  I feel like I can’t express enough thanks to you – we couldn’t be more thrilled with our pictures, and I CAN’T WAIT to start getting them printed.

You have blessed us immensely — blessings back to you!

– Stori

I LOVE every single one of them. I have no clue how we are going to decide which ones to use for our save the date.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I cannot wait till the E-session and the wedding  🙂

You are FANTASTIC at what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Amy

Dear Tasha,

We received the CD yesterday and totally LOVE the pictures!  As is your usual, they are ALL spectacular and Christina will see them today. Justin will get to see them later this week but I told him how nice they are! I can’t wait to see them in Christmas cards and as portraits on my wall. The only problem will be deciding which ones to print…they are all wonderful!  Once again, thank you from all of us and we can say, we are “Thankful” to have met you in this last year!  You are very special to us all.

Hugs and love from us all,
Mary Ellen & Gerardo

We love love love love love our pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really you are so talented!!

We love you:)!!

– Sara


Words cannot begin to describe how beautiful the wedding pictures turned out. I really cant think of anything else to say but “thank you.” Although I was crying looking through most of the pictures, a few brought a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart; specifically the one where my mom is giving her speech and my dad is next to her eating a piece of candy. This picture totally describes my dad and has to be one of my favorites.

I will be telling EVERYONE I know who is getting married in the future that they will be using you as a photographer, no choices about it.

Thank you,


We love them! I keep looking at them over and over, now I have to decide which ones I want to print.  Tyler’s favorite is the one where he is jumping up in the air he thinks it looks like he is hanging from a string.  The girls love the one of them together (so sweet)  and all their individuals.  Thomas doesn’t say much being the teenage boy he is but when he walked by the computer and the pictures were viewing, he saw the picture of me and Paul he said, “Wow you guys look really good!” and then stopped to look at the rest, so thank you so much! I can’t wait to show them to Lisa and Laura this weekend and the rest of my friends!  As far as my favorite by far one stands out alone! The one of Paul and I sitting on the ground and it is a close up of us and I am hanging onto his arm, I have never really liked my wedding photos much but this picture is priceless and brings tears to my eyes, so thank you! You’re AMAZING!!!!!!

–  Sharon

Ok, so I am wondering if there is a 12 step program for your clients who are so excited about the photos that you took of their kids, that they just keep looking at them over and over…. and avoid the laundry and house cleaning? … If I haven’t told you lately, you are AMAZING!!!!!!

– Nichole

Thanks for tonight, Tasha!  We had a great time!!  Avery talked about you the whole way home!  “Tasha my fend… She payed wif me… She get my tummy… She pobably have toys at her house… Me yike her…” You made an impression 🙂  Thanks again!

– Jen (& 2 yr old, Avery)


I just raced inside with the DVD in my hand (and nearly tripped over my cat in the process) ran to my office, threw the CD in the drive and yelled out a huge scream! I love these photos more than I ever thought I could! You have exceeded by very high expectations with not only the finished product but how awesome you are! 🙂 The details, the facial expressions and “ME” that you captured was so true and sooooooo just what I wanted! The locations you saw were perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anyone more perfect to do this for me!

You are one heck of a photographer Tasha!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 🙂 I owe you one GIGANTIC hug next time I see you! 🙂

– Emily

JUST Received the pictures..I about peed my pants..fabulous!  Can’t wait for Campbell to see them tonight when he gets home.  I couldn’t get over the places you took him – total eye candy!  Thank you so much for capturing Campbell and his personality.  It will be so hard to pick out my favorites!  I need to go now and look at them all over again, I’m so psyched! Drool, drool DROOL!  You are such an AMAZING photographer…thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Becky


Oh, Tasha…

As we drove away from our shoot that day, I was going through my list…my hair was stupid, Jon’s shirt was buttoned wrong, Wesley only smiled for ten seconds, and I had a big zit.

Well…my hair looked slammin’, there was no trace of a blemish, my husband was as adorable as ever, and my baby’s blue eyes made up for all of his grumpy-face pictures (and even though he only smiled for ten seconds, you got the shots!!).  Thank you so much for the awesome work you do; we are so thrilled with our pictures!  Just like our wedding photos, your favorites were my most favorite — I can’t wait to get them printed!

Be blessed,


Hi Tasha, after spending some time reflecting on the 10th anniversary of 9-11, I went to our computer where we have a slide show of Erin & Mitch’s wedding pictures as our screen saver, and reflected on the most beautiful September 11th day.   I want to thank you for all of your work on their pictures.  The pictures of the smallest details are some of my favorite – that’s one of the things I love most about your photography.  I think for the people in the wedding we don’t even notice a lot of that because we are so busy with what is going on around us.  Thanks again for making thier day so beautiful still today and forever.

Pat & Jim


Tasha –
We LOVE the photos and cannot stop looking at them!  They’re beautiful and are so playful…and you can’t tell we were freezing our butts off! 🙂
And we truly cherish the photos with our Grandparents….they make me all teary eyed each time I look at them.

Thank you so much,
Scott, Rachael and Avery


Tasha, the photos were amazing! My husband and I were both blown away by the photos and your presence at Abbie’s birth. You not only captured every moment and told the Abbie’s birth story in a powerful way but you were also an encouragement throughout the entire day! THANK YOU for your gift of photography, it has truly blessed us! We look forward to having you take photos of our family again!

Love, The Gibsons

  • Nichole Fredrickson - May 27, 2010 - 10:25 am

    Hi Tasha! I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with how things went during the family photo session last night. You were so great with the kids! They commented after you left about how you listened to all their suggestions and they loved how you took pictures of their funny faces. My son couldn’t believe you actually took pictures of him fishing! I truly believe that you coming to our location made a HUGE difference with the kids comfort level! My daughter has even announced that she wants to ‘model’ for her own photo session for her birthday, she said “so the pictures will be all about me!” Too funny! I can hardly wait to get the picture CD! Thanks again Tasha, you are the best!!!

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