I love that this session is completely All-American! They are beautiful people (inside and out), they adore each other and their children and they recently added chickens to their family! So we thought… what a better way to document their beautiful lives right now than to capture them all with the chickens 🙂

family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_01 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_02 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_03 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_04 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_05 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_06 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_07 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_08 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_09 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_10 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_11 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_12 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_13 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_14 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_15 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_16 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_17 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_18 family_and_chickens_photo_shoot_19

I used to work with Meghan’s mom (I made her hop into a few pics as well) at the hospital years ago. Now Meghan is all grown and getting ready for her final year of high school. We had so much fun at her session – I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during a shoot! And despite the mosquitoes trying to carrying us away (they were the worst I’ve ever seen!), I think we created some beautiful images for Meghan 🙂

minnesota_senior_photography_01 minnesota_senior_photography_02 minnesota_senior_photography_03 minnesota_senior_photography_04 minnesota_senior_photography_05

They are one of the most beautiful families with their dimples, bright smiles, and Mom as a beautiful Meg-Ryan-look-a-like! We captured a little bit of Gavin (who will be graduating this year from Shakopee High School), some family pics, and one of just Mom & Dad. I always try to sneak in at least one of just Mom & Dad because its beautiful to see where all of this love started! st_anthony_main_graduation_pics_01 st_anthony_main_graduation_pics_02 st_anthony_main_graduation_pics_03 st_anthony_main_graduation_pics_04 st_anthony_main_graduation_pics_05 st_anthony_main_graduation_pics_06