Ashley called me one day and said that she wanted to do a shoot celebrated all that AFD has become in the past 7 years! She asked if I would photograph this little celebration, and I’ve learned when Ashley asks, I always say “Yes!” Look at her work – its amazing!! It was so much fun to head out in to the open fields and photograph not only Ashley’s amazing bouquet creation that evening, but also one of the sweetest and most beautiful models, Krista, I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. Thank you both for giving me the easiest and yet most fun job on the planet – any time you want to play dress up and head out for pictures, I’m game 🙂

Flower Design | Ashley Fox Designs

Model | Krista (Instagram)

Dress | Lovely Bride

ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_01 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_02 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_03 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_04 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_05 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_06 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_07

I don’t photograph a lot of seniors, but when the younger sister of one of the sweetest girls I know contacted me, I had to say “yes!” Isn’t she so beautiful?!!!
edina_high_school_senior_photographer_01 edina_high_school_senior_photographer_02 edina_high_school_senior_photographer_03 edina_high_school_senior_photographer_04 edina_high_school_senior_photographer_05

  • Grace Veker - September 14, 2015 - 9:29 pm

    Tasha!!!! Wow these are incredible!! It was so great getting to see you and thank you for doing an amazing job with these photos! Xoxo

I get the incredible opportunity to photograph these beautiful people about twice a year! I love how they simply want their everyday-life captured. This session was all about reading books, playing in the wild flower field & sparklers (it was the eve of the 4th of July, after all!) It doesn’t hurt that they all love each other immensely, and it shows in every single photo we take 🙂

jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_01 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_02 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_04 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_05 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_06 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_07 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_08 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_09 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_10 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_11 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_12 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_13 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_14 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_15