These beauties are some of my nearest and dearest friends… Amber has been a long time friend and confidant of mine (since high school). Benn & Amber’s heart for others – and each other – is truly remarkable to witness… They teach me how to be a better wife and mother. I love them dearly!

st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_01 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_02 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_03 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_04 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_05 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_06 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_07 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_08 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_09 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_10 st_anthony_main_minneapolis_family_photographer_11

  • Amber Stumph - October 26, 2016 - 5:23 pm

    Your work is incredible! Tasha you are truly talented and your passion for life shows in your photography. I love you! 💕

This family has quickly grown a special place in my heart. We share a lot of the same values in this life, so its easy to get caught up in conversation while we are supposed to be shooting :). But that doesn’t stop us from capturing their beautiful love for one another & their gorgeous children. We ventured out around Lake Harriet because Auntie, Grandma and Grandpa were all in town visiting so we had to sneak them in a few as well!

lake_harriet_family_photography_01 lake_harriet_family_photography_02 lake_harriet_family_photography_03 lake_harriet_family_photography_04 lake_harriet_family_photography_05 lake_harriet_family_photography_06 lake_harriet_family_photography_07 lake_harriet_family_photography_08 lake_harriet_family_photography_09 lake_harriet_family_photography_10 lake_harriet_family_photography_12 lake_harriet_family_photography_13