Six months ago, I documented what is likely the most incredible day of Chris + Kim’s lives… the day their little Livy Lou was born. And then just a couple of weeks ago, I was welcomed into their home to document ‘life’ which included Olivia’s first bites of solid food. I LOVE capturing incredible moments like these – whether its every day life or the beginning of life, they are all beautiful moments and ones that our children will cherish having as they grow and have children of their own. To my friends, Kim + Chris, you are beautiful parents and you have such a precious little girl! I can’t wait to watch her grow:)

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“She believed she could, so she did.” This was the bracelet that Elin wore during the birth of their sweet girl. The birth of Ada was an incredible story to document at Methodist Hospital! I loved watching how loving and supportive Collin was to Elin, how Elin was able to go through labor and delivery med-free (I’ve been there and it is no easy feat!) and especially the moment that Collin helped deliver sweet Ada into her mommy’s arms. Ada has the most proud big sister, Maija, who came just shortly after she was born and couldn’t stop beaming <3

methodist_hospital_birth_photography_01 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_02 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_03 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_04 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_05 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_06 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_07 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_08 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_09 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_10 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_11 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_12 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_13 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_14 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_15 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_16 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_17 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_18 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_19 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_20 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_21 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_22 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_23 methodist_hospital_birth_photography_24

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes waiting and hoping for the most incredible day of their lives… the birth of their beautiful little girl, Olivia. My dear friends, Chris + Kim, have been huge supporters of mine throughout the years and I’m so incredibly thankful for their friendship. They told me months ago when Kim was newly pregnant that I would be there to photograph the birth… little did we all know that this would be the first birth that I would actually miss! I know it happens to us birth photogs, but I was hoping that it never would for me:). I received multiple texts from Chris throughout the day of Kim’s induction about the slow progression of the day, but once dinner time came around the texts changed and became more frequent. Kim was hoping to have an all-natural birth, but there were other plans in the works for Livy’s birth. At around 7pm that night, I received a text that said they were meeting with the doctors now and Kim was possibly going into surgery for a c-section that night due to blood loss from a placental abruption. At this time, Kim was likely going to be 3rd in line for a c-section, so we had a little time. I told Chris that I would pack my things and head up to Mother Baby Center to start the pre c-section part of their story. I grabbed my things and as I was walking out the door, I got another text, “Head our way.” I jokingly text back to tell Kim to stall the docs as long as she could, I was on my way. Chris text me back immediately, “We can’t. Emergency c-section. Happening now.” That was it. I may or may not have driven 85 mph up to the cities nearly in tears wondering what the heck was going on. I was rushed into scrubs and into the OR only to walk in and find out that Livy was born only minutes before. I found out later after things calmed down, that while talking to the doctors in the meeting regarding a possible c-section, Kim stood up and lost a very large amount of blood (when all was said and done it was 3 scary liters worth!), so they basically said, “Never mind the possibility of a c-section, you are going in right now!” The care that Kim & Olivia received was incredible and all recovered very quickly and were doing awesome within hours of the surgery! I’m so happy for my friends and secretly so happy to have been the very first person to have met little Livy Lou (besides her mommy and daddy)!

mother_baby_center_birth_photography_01 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_02 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_03 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_04 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_05 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_06 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_07 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_08 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_09 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_10 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_11 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_12 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_13 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_14 mother_baby_center_birth_photography_15

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Being a mommy is the very best thing that has ever happened to me in life – I love watching others that I love (especially family) experience the same thing! Meet the super gorgeous, super loved, Hadley Lynn!… Look at that sweet face! Fiona is jealous of her hair, she told me so:)

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