I LOVE them, beyond words, love them. They are my family. My beautiful sister, her adoring (& wonderful) husband and their two amazing children… aren’t they all the cutest things you ever did see? My children MAY have come along on this shoot while my older niece (from a different beautiful sister :)) watched them. So, there MAY be a picture or two below of a little boy – who wasn’t dressed for pics – because he snuck his cute face into a few. I can’t say no when these two best buds want a picture together. <3

jordan_mn_family_photographer_01 jordan_mn_family_photographer_02 jordan_mn_family_photographer_03 jordan_mn_family_photographer_04 jordan_mn_family_photographer_05 jordan_mn_family_photographer_06 jordan_mn_family_photographer_07 jordan_mn_family_photographer_08

I love the way Sara thinks… She wants to truly capture the most meaningful moments in life! I have captured their family jumping in puddles, baking cookies, getting tucked in for the night, lighting sparklers for the 4th of July, and on and on…. She understands my love of true documentary photography and runs with ideas surrounding her husband, children and extended family… and I love this about her! This session was all about their yearly tradition of making lefse in her Grandma’s kitchen. She’s been doing this with her Grandma since she was little and is now passing this sweet tradition on to her children as well. Everything about this session has meaning… the house, the kitchen, the baking utensils, the traditions, flour on the face, and the relationships. Bonus: Sara lets her kids dress themselves for pictures so she can remember all of their favorites at this place in their lives. Who says you can’t wear a fancy dress with jack-o-lantern socks?!! I <3 this session!

lefsa_making_with_Grandma_01 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_02 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_03 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_04 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_05 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_06 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_07 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_08 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_09 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_10 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_11 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_12 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_13 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_14 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_15 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_16 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_17 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_18 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_19 lefsa_making_with_Grandma_20

Their sweet babe is due this month (stay tuned for their birth story!) so we waited for the first snowfall to snap some maternity pics at Ney Nature Center. So much love for this little boy!

ney_nature_center_maternity_photos_01 ney_nature_center_maternity_photos_02 ney_nature_center_maternity_photos_03 ney_nature_center_maternity_photos_04 ney_nature_center_maternity_photos_05 ney_nature_center_maternity_photos_06 ney_nature_center_maternity_photos_07

  • Harrison : Birth Day » Red Bird Hills - January 3, 2016 - 4:36 pm

    […] a few short weeks ago, we went out in the snow to capture the maternity session for this lovely family. And now, he’s here! Welcome sweet little […]

It started way back when I photographed their engagement session, then their wedding and now the story of the first born’s arrival – wow, wow, WOW! I’m amazed and completely honored to share in such incredible and intimate moments in people’s lives. I am beyond blessed to have this profession and be able to watch and document remarkable moments for them to cherish for generations to come!

I am invested deeply in the births that I photograph, but when I know that the parents have lost sweet babies in the past, my heart becomes completely invested in their story and the birth of this amazing little miracle. Shelly and I have had long chats about the devastating heartache of losing a couple of babies along our journey to “mommy”. It hurts my heart when someone so beautiful and loving reaches out to me after a loss. Until someone has experienced this kind of loss in their own lives, its hard to find the words to explain to family and friends just how deeply it effects us and continues to effect us for years after. For me, I was able to find some comfort when I spoke with others who “got it”. I was humbled that Shelly reached out to me and thankful that we were able to cry, mourn and heal together. These sweet babies… we never forget them. They will ALWAYS be loved and cherished.

Then one day… we get pregnant… again… but this time it feels different in our hearts, and somehow we just know that this is the baby that we are to raise up. For Mark and Shelly, this was Archer. Sweet, beautiful, miracle baby, Archer. When I got the call that Mark and Shelly were heading to the hospital, I paced at home… I was making dinner and thought, “We’ll eat together as a family, bathe the kids, put them to bed, and then I’ll head to the hospital.” I got about half way through bath time and asked Tony to take over, I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to go document this incredible story from the beginning! I arrived around 8pm and documented their story throughout the night… Archer was taking his time 🙂 By morning, things had progressed, family arrived and anxiously paced between the labor room and the waiting room (everyone was SO excited for this day to be here!), and the room was prepped for arrival. Shelly labored like a champ while the emotions and excitement built for Mark and the rest of the family. Finally, the time came and Mark was able to announce to Shelly and then their families that they had a healthy baby boy! I love the emotions from this day – it was impossible to not be emotional – they waited so long for this moment!

Oh my heart… <3

ridgeview_medical_center_birth_01 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_02 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_03 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_04 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_05 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_06 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_07 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_08 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_09 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_10 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_11 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_12 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_13 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_14 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_15 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_16 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_17 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_18 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_19 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_20 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_21 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_22 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_23 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_24 ridgeview_medical_center_birth_25