Ah, another sweet little Pitz boy…. I fell in love with this family when I photographed Gradyn’s birth two years ago. Leah told me in the days leading up to Gradyn’s birth that we were going to be friends for a lifetime… I didn’t argue 😉 . I was so thrilled and honored when they asked if I’d capture B’s birth at The Mother Baby Center in Minneapolis. We knew, heading into this birth, that B wouldn’t have much time in the room with Mom & Dad and would have to go to the NICU shortly after birth for tests and monitoring. I don’t have all the science lingo behind their story, but know that a rare medical condition kept medications from working to prevent antibodies accumulating in baby B’s little body during pregnancy so not only did he have to have FOUR blood transfusions in utero, but now also a couple since his birth. HOWEVER… he’s proving how strong he is and is quite the little fighter. His body is working hard to regulate and he’s doing well! This last transfusion is likely, and hopefully, his last. We’ve been praying for our sweet little friend and his family and know that The Lord has His hands in this process. Can’t wait to see you and snuggle you soon, little B!

mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_01 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_02 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_03 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_04 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_05 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_06 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_07 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_08 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_09 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_10 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_11 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_12 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_13 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_14 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_15 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_16 mother_baby_center_minneapolis_birth_photography_17

  • Abbey Huisinga - December 7, 2015 - 7:08 pm

    Tasha…your work is just so amazing! I love looking through your photos and seeing all the subtle nuances you capture. One of these days I’d love for you to photograph my kiddos. 🙂

  • Tasha - December 7, 2015 - 8:19 pm

    Dearest Abbey… I would be so honored to capture your beautiful family!!! <3

I love these guys and consider it such an honor to photograph them each year! And…. now not only do they own Annie B’s, but they also are now the new owners of B.T. McElrath Chocolatier… Um…. Can you say YUM?!!!! …So I get tipped in caramels and chocolate…which makes me very happy 😀

Congratulations, Friends! Can’t wait to see where these sweet adventures (pun intended) continue to take you in life!

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Ashley called me one day and said that she wanted to do a shoot celebrated all that AFD has become in the past 7 years! She asked if I would photograph this little celebration, and I’ve learned when Ashley asks, I always say “Yes!” Look at her work – its amazing!! It was so much fun to head out in to the open fields and photograph not only Ashley’s amazing bouquet creation that evening, but also one of the sweetest and most beautiful models, Krista, I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. Thank you both for giving me the easiest and yet most fun job on the planet – any time you want to play dress up and head out for pictures, I’m game 🙂

Flower Design | Ashley Fox Designs

Model | Krista (Instagram)

Dress | Lovely Bride

ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_01 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_02 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_03 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_04 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_05 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_06 ashley_fox_designs_local_flowers_07