I have had the extreme pleasure of photographing my very good friend, Ali’s, family before! But this time….THIS time was for the birth of their son, Jonah. Anyone who follows this blog knows that I LOVE love love photographing births and when its someone you truly love and respect, it takes on a whole new level :). Jonah waited to make his arrival at United Hospital until after his due date and after my trip to Mexico for Heidi & Jon’s wedding, and I’d like to believe its because he knew how badly I wanted to be there and be one of the first to meet him! Here’s his story and his remarkable parents!

united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_01 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_02 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_03 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_04 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_05 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_06 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_08 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_09 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_10 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_11 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_12 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_13 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_14 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_15 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_16 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_17 united_hospital_st_paul_mn_birth_photography_18

  • Ali - July 14, 2014 - 2:07 pm

    We love them, Tasha!
    The treasure of these photos is more precious than I will ever have words for.

I had a blast with these two! How can you not, when they both smile and laugh all. day. long! They had a gorgeous day, beautiful venues, wonderful vendors and the incredible people standing by their sides – it made for the perfect day! Enjoy the images and all the beautiful work from these vendors:

Ceremony site: The Woods Chapel
Reception site: Nicollet Island Pavillion
Coordinator: Something Blue
Wedding gown designer / store purchased: Ann Taylor
Hair & Makeup: Creative Beauté Agency
Bridesmaids dresses designer / store purchased: Anthropologie
Florist: I Do Flowers
Cake/dessert/catering: Mintáho
Band/DJ: Phil Arellano, Midwest Coast

the_woods_chapel_wedding_01 the_woods_chapel_wedding_02 the_woods_chapel_wedding_03 the_woods_chapel_wedding_04 the_woods_chapel_wedding_05 the_woods_chapel_wedding_06 the_woods_chapel_wedding_07 the_woods_chapel_wedding_08 the_woods_chapel_wedding_09 the_woods_chapel_wedding_10 the_woods_chapel_wedding_11 the_woods_chapel_wedding_12 the_woods_chapel_wedding_13 the_woods_chapel_wedding_14 the_woods_chapel_wedding_15 the_woods_chapel_wedding_16 the_woods_chapel_wedding_17 the_woods_chapel_wedding_18 the_woods_chapel_wedding_19 the_woods_chapel_wedding_20 the_woods_chapel_wedding_21 the_woods_chapel_wedding_22 the_woods_chapel_wedding_23 the_woods_chapel_wedding_24 the_woods_chapel_wedding_25 the_woods_chapel_wedding_26 the_woods_chapel_wedding_27 the_woods_chapel_wedding_28 the_woods_chapel_wedding_29 the_woods_chapel_wedding_30 the_woods_chapel_wedding_31 the_woods_chapel_wedding_32 the_woods_chapel_wedding_33 the_woods_chapel_wedding_34 the_woods_chapel_wedding_35

Just a month after I traveled to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for Heather & Kevin’s wedding, I traveled back for Heidi & Jon’s amazing wedding! This was a special trip for me since Jon’s older sister, Tina, has been one of my closest friends since 7th grade, so I grew up hanging out with these guys! And Heather, Heidi’s sister, has been a client and a friend of mine for many years now! It was her idea to conspire with Jon to find a way to have me fly down and photograph their wedding – I’m so thankful for all the love and support that both of these families have given me over the years! Now… onto the wedding day…:)

My favorite things about this wedding:
– We stayed at a really great small and intimate resort, the Riu Playacar.
– The moment between Heidi and her aunt right after she put the pearl necklace on Heidi. This incredible woman helped raise Heidi and Heather into the beautiful women they are.
– Heidi had a “First Sight” with her first love… her dad.
– Getting to spend the entire week with my friends and their family right alongside my parents (thanks for coming along to babysit!) and Briggs (who loved the beach).
– Having one of the most relaxed couples and bridal parties on the planet despite the extremely hot day (we were all dripping in sweat within minutes of stepping outside!
– Watching two people laugh, hug, and love their way through the entire wedding day – Congratulations my friends – you deserve a lifetime of happiness (& babies):)

april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_01 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_02 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_03 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_04 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_05 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_06 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_07 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_08 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_09 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_10 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_11 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_12 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_13 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_14 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_15 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_16 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_17 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_18 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_19 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_20 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_21 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_22 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_23 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_24 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_25 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_26 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_27 april_destination_wedding_playa_del_carmen_mexico_28

  • Heather Grapevine - June 23, 2014 - 11:55 am

    You never cease to amaze Tash. Simply stunning. We are so thankful for you and all you’ve done. Much love!

Their doctor said earlier in the week that they would deliver by 2pm on Friday. Mary was induced Friday morning and their sweet little baby boy was born at 1:58pm – Now that’s the most accurate guess I’ve ever heard! I stayed for a little while after the birth to capture Peter’s 5 older siblings meeting him for the first time! This beautiful family was such a joy to work with – the love and support between Paul & Mary was amazing to document!

waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_01 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_02 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_03 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_04 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_05 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_06 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_07 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_08 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_09 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_10 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_11 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_12 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_13 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_14 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_15 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_16 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_17 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_18 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_19 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_20 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_21 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_22 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_23 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_24 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_25 waconia_mn_hospital_birth_photography_26

  • Jolene Cap - June 13, 2014 - 7:18 pm

    OMG, these photos are amazing. My cousin and her family are beautiful! They say It’s “Cheaper by Dozen” but I’m sure 6 will keep you busy enough! I’m going to show the photos to my Dad.