I thought by taking the day yesterday to think about what I wanted to write would help but I am still at a loss for words on how incredible this experience was…

Maisy’s aunt Shelbey (Keighla’s sister) carried her, loved her, nourished her and brought her into this world so unselfishly so Keighla and Paul could have the child they had waited so long for. Maisy couldn’t be more adored and loved by her Mommy and Daddy and the emotions from the birth show this through and through. As I was documenting this story (which was an honor beyond words ever express), I literally bawled behind my camera. I wish I had more words, but there is just SO much emotion & beautiful moments wrapped up into this birth that I just can’t find the words… Maybe someday I’ll rewrite this post, but for now, I’m going to let these images tell their story.

And yes… there is a medication (& a process) that Keighla took to help her own body produce breast milk, so she is able to feed her little girl. What a beautiful thing! <3

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