Oh, this day 🙂 … A day that is forever engraved in their hearts and one I’ll never forget. Marcy and I became friends over the last few years. We have a beautiful mutual friend in Lisa, who connected us after Marcy and Nick experienced their first miscarriage. Those of use who have experienced loss are in a club – not one that I would ever want anyone I love to be a part of, but here we are… There is a different kind of sadness that I don’t think others can quite grasp until they’ve walked in our shoes. So when Marcy and Nick had their first loss and she didn’t know who to talk to about it. Lisa connected us. We talked… a lot… and we cried even more. A mom’s heart in a situation like this goes through so many emotions and I’ve found through my own losses that there is comfort when someone else “gets it” and can talk through these feelings with each other. We started chatting on Facebook but quickly exchanged numbers and have kept in touch ever since, unfortunately, both through an additional loss each. Marcy became a friend that I knew would be in my life forever, she has the kind of heart that you absolutely do not find every day. She sent me a ring after our last loss that I still wear every day. It’s a beautiful reminder of God’s love and plans in our lives. You’ll see a theme in this post about Marcy’s heart, but for now… let’s move onto the day Nick & Marcy got to finally meet and hold two sweet baby girls!

The plan was to go natural, but circumstances made for different plans and a c-section to meet these babies. Regardless, these two were beyond excited to meet their twins! And having a scheduled c-section meant that I was definitely going to make it to the birth on time. They delivered at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls. Normally, I wouldn’t drive 3.5 hours (one way) for a birth, but because it was Marcy and she said that she couldn’t imagine anyone else there to capture these moments, I knew that I had to be there. I drove down the night before the c-section where unbeknownst to me, Marcy called and completely paid for my room. Early the next morning, Nick and Marcy arrived and were prepped for surgery. I arrived shortly after and was prepped as well. I’ll let the images tell the rest of their incredible story…

sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_01 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_02 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_03 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_04Nick waited nervously to be called into the operating room. sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_05 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_06 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_07They didn’t know the sex of the babies. This is Marcy’s beautiful reaction to the first baby being a healthy girl <3 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_08 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_09They had two girls. This was the first moment that Nick and Marcy both got to see Mila’s face. sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_10 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_11 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_12 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_13Harper had extra fluid in her lungs and needed to spend a few hours in the special care nursery on a CPAP machine. They weren’t able to hold her until much later. Here they are rolling Harper over to meet her Mommy and Daddy before going to the Neonatal Unit. sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_14 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_15Mila was able to stay with Marcy in the recovery room. Nick followed Harper to the neonatal unit. It was so sweet to watch him love & care for their baby girl – he refused to leave her side until she was out of the neonatal unit so she knew she wasn’t alone. <3 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_16 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_17 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_18 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_19 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_20After Marcy was out of recovery, I was able to go back with her. Moments after leaving the recovery room on her way to see Harper, Marcy saw her best friend (who had been there all day!) in the waiting room. The joy that they both felt in these moments – to see Marcy holding her own baby – was one that I hope they never forget. It was beautiful! sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_21The first moment that Marcy got to hold Harper. sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_22 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_23 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_24 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_25 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_26 sanford_hospital_twin_birth_photography_27These girls are such a blessing and I’m so thankful they are here! Congratulations dear friends!!!

Ian made his debut early, fast and to a super tough mama! I’m always amazed at those mamas who do med-free births and make it look so easy because I know first-hand that its the furthest thing from easy! It’s always such an honor to be invited to capture a family’s life-changing beautiful event like a birth. I heart this “job” that I have 🙂

A very big congratulations to this sweet adorable family (& friends of ours)!

ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_01 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_02 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_03 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_04 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_05 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_06 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_07 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_08 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_09 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_10 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_11 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_12 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_13