Those of you who follow the blog know that I truly love and adore this family! They have been with me since Day 1… in fact, they were my first clients ever in 2000 and have come to me year after year ever since then! I’m forever grateful for their love and support! McKayla graduates this year, so we did focus on her lovely face a little more during this session!:)

jordan_family_photography_01 jordan_family_photography_02 jordan_family_photography_03 jordan_family_photography_04 jordan_family_photography_05 jordan_family_photography_06 jordan_family_photography_07 jordan_family_photography_08 jordan_family_photography_09 jordan_family_photography_10

I love this gorgeous family and am so thankful for their continued support year after year! I don’t really do high school senior photography anymore, but when its a client that has been with you from the beginning (& you’ve photographed her older brother and sister’s senior pics) AND she is beyond beautiful with her long stunning red hair… you say, “Heck yes, I will take your pics!”

I <3 this family!

eden_prairie_family_photographer_01 eden_prairie_family_photographer_02 eden_prairie_family_photographer_03 eden_prairie_family_photographer_04 eden_prairie_family_photographer_05 eden_prairie_family_photographer_06 eden_prairie_family_photographer_07 eden_prairie_family_photographer_08 eden_prairie_family_photographer_09 eden_prairie_family_photographer_10 eden_prairie_family_photographer_12 eden_prairie_family_photographer_13

They are sweet AND beautiful AND so easy-going which made for an incredible wedding day in which the weather couldn’t make up its mind – to rain or not to rain! It was amazing working with this lovely couple and their awesome vendors!

Ceremony + Reception: Mill City Museum
Getting Ready Hotel: The Depot Renaissance Hotel
Make-up: Laura Ellingson
Florist: Lisa Roy at Flora Bella
DJ: Midwest Sounds

mill_city_museum_wedding_01 mill_city_museum_wedding_02 mill_city_museum_wedding_03 mill_city_museum_wedding_04 mill_city_museum_wedding_05 mill_city_museum_wedding_06 mill_city_museum_wedding_07 mill_city_museum_wedding_08 mill_city_museum_wedding_09 mill_city_museum_wedding_10 mill_city_museum_wedding_11 mill_city_museum_wedding_12 mill_city_museum_wedding_13 mill_city_museum_wedding_14 mill_city_museum_wedding_15 mill_city_museum_wedding_16 mill_city_museum_wedding_17 mill_city_museum_wedding_18 mill_city_museum_wedding_19 mill_city_museum_wedding_20 mill_city_museum_wedding_21 mill_city_museum_wedding_22 mill_city_museum_wedding_23 mill_city_museum_wedding_24 mill_city_museum_wedding_25 mill_city_museum_wedding_26 mill_city_museum_wedding_27 mill_city_museum_wedding_28 mill_city_museum_wedding_29 mill_city_museum_wedding_30 mill_city_museum_wedding_31 mill_city_museum_wedding_32 mill_city_museum_wedding_33 mill_city_museum_wedding_34 mill_city_museum_wedding_35 mill_city_museum_wedding_36 mill_city_museum_wedding_37