I don’t even know where to begin with these guys… It started with a c-section with my son, nearly two years ago, and then over time, I became much more naturally set in my mind. So when I got pregnant with my daughter, I knew that I wanted to do an all-natural VBAC. This sounded like something I could do in my head, but after photographing quite a few births, I learned that I was going to need some good support. And not just “Tony” support (which he was awesome and everything I needed in a supportive husband), but good pain-relieving ideas and someone who would still talk me out of any medication when I started asking (I knew that Tony would cave if I asked because he wouldn’t want to see me in pain). So the search for a perfect doula began. I emailed quite a few people, narrowed it down to a handful to meet with, and then met with a few. But once Jess walked into our home and we started talking, I knew that I wanted Jess to stand by our side through the birth of our baby. I can say with all honesty, that I would absolutely NOT have reached my goals of having an all-natural birth if it weren’t for this girl (and a pretty amazing nurse who totally went to bat for me when I was told that another c-section was my “only option”)! Jess told me that I would beg for an epidural, and she was right… I did. But she also told me that when the time came for me to ask for one, that it meant I was close… she was right again. I started begging for an epidural at 1:30 in the morning and she walked me through not caving in and then onto the birth of our beautiful little girl only 46 minutes later. Jess was a complete blessing to us during the birth of Fiona and we absolutely could not have done it without her unending words of support and encouragement (and brilliant ideas to help with pain relief). She will forever be a part of our family and a friend to me (I will force her to be my friend till the end of time if I have to! – Jess, let’s have coffee soon, k?). I love this girl and I fell in love with her adorable little blonde-haired girls and her super sweet, PDA-despising (although he totally humored me and kissed his wife when I asked him to), husband:).

If anyone reading this blog is pregnant, I have two things that I want you to do… 1) Call me so we can talk about photographing your birth :)  and 2) Call me so I can give you Jess’ contact info – believe me, you will want her there!

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  • Bee - November 14, 2014 - 8:12 am

    Beautiful family – Beautiful pictures!!