I sent my typical birth inquiry email response to a typical birth inquiry… Minutes later, I received a phone call from Christine. “Hey Tasha! So I am pregnant with twins… But they’re not mine… I’m a surrogate… for a couple in Israel… What do you think?” Um…. yes please! I think my response was, “I’m SO your girl. I’ve always wanted to photograph a surrogacy birth!” We went on to chat more details about due date and when the guys were flying in, with their families, to be here for the birth. Not all went according to plan, though. I got a call on a Friday morning in December, weeks before what was to be the already early arrival date for the twins, and it also happened to be the day that the guys, their son and their parents were all on a flight to Minnesota. “Tasha, the babies are coming today… In an hour. It’s a non-emergent emergency c-section.” I panicked. I was home, in my sweats and un-showered because the kids and I were going to be home all day, doing nothing. I hung up and proceeded to call every possible person that I thought might be able to watch the kids for me RIGHT NOW. Thankfully, my good friend, graciously offered AND she was on my way to the Waconia Ridgeview Medical Center (which was 45 minutes away)! I rushed to put myself together and get the kids in the car and we were off. I text Christine on the way and she jokingly said, “Don’t worry. I’ll stall them 🙂 .” She did! I made it with minutes to spare. I was handed scrubs, snapped a few “before” pics and off we went to the OR. The twins came quickly and were whisked away equally as fast to the NICU due to their early arrival. Sadly, the family was all mid-flight when the twins arrived, but I was able to come back a few days later and capture them all together in NICU. Are they not some of the most beautiful babies you’ve ever seen? This story was an amazing one to capture and I’d love to document more surrogate births again soon :).

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  • Michelle - February 8, 2016 - 9:13 am

    These are beautiful Tasha! What an amazing story, what an honor to be able to capture this incredible moment for this couple and all involved!

  • Tasha - February 8, 2016 - 9:36 am

    Thank you, Michelle! So sweet of you to come visit and write 🙂

“You guys can come to the room.” A text sent by Brian to their family waiting in the waiting room. It wasn’t unlike any other texts that went back and forth that day. Their family wanted to come and check in from time to time and they did so when Brian let them know it was a good time. They got the text, came down to the room and realized that the not-so-quick labor that Kim had been going through for the past 24+ hours had turned into a very fast delivery!

Just a few short weeks ago, we went out in the snow to capture the maternity session for this lovely family. And now, he’s here! Welcome sweet little Harrison!

fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_01 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_02 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_03 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_04 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_05 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_06 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_07 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_08 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_09 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_10 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_11 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_12 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_13 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_14 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_15 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_16 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_17 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_18 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_19 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_20 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_21 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_22 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_23 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_24 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_25 fairview_southdale_hospital_birth_26

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