She’s my beautiful little niece and I’m crazy about her! I got a text from Joe (my brother-in-law) at 7am in the morning saying they were heading to the hospital. Tony and I got up, got Briggs ready (yes, we were all going to be there to meet the newest member of the family AND to finally find out will Briggs have a little boy or girl cousin) and just as I was packing up my camera bag, I got another text, “They just checked Kels, she’s at a 7, come soon!” I left Tony and Briggs behind to finish up breakfast and told them to meet me there. I love the photo of Kelsey saying hi to Briggs when he first gets there – it melts my heart to know how much he is loved by his aunties and uncles :). Kelsey and Joe didn’t have to wait too much longer for the greatest gift of their lives… Kynlie was born just before 1pm and she was (& still is) one of the the most beautiful babies I know! This little one is loved so much!

My favorite parts of the day? Glad you asked!
– How incredibly loving and supportive Joe is
– How beautifully emotional Kelsey’s mom, Geralyn, was over meeting her first grandchild
– The moment that Joe walked out to tell everyone waiting that they just had a baby GIRL!
– I remember becoming an auntie for the first time… watching Kelsey’s two sisters experience this was so surreal and special
– The text that Kelsey sends to her dad just before she begins pushing
– And mostly… to see Kelsey become a mommy right before my eyes! We spent many hours talking about this very moment <3 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_01 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_02 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_03 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_04 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_05 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_06 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_07 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_08 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_09 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_10 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_11 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_12 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_13 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_14 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_15 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_16 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_17 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_18 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_19 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_21 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_20 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_22 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_23 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_24 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_25 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_26 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_27 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_28

I have two best friends in this life and I couldn’t imagine my life without either one of them. Lisa and Leslie (aka Bitzy), you two have been by my side through many highs and lows… I have no greater cheerleaders than these two friends. My two BFF’s lost the most special people in their lives only two weeks apart. My heart has been so heavy knowing all too well the pain of losing such a special grandparent. Bitzy, the name I’ve called her since the day we met when we were 2 years old, called me up a few weeks back and said, “Grandma isn’t doing well…” I asked how long she had and through tears she said, “not much. only days.” This came as a surprise to everyone. She was a spitfire, and honestly, I don’t think I saw her grow old… she will always be the sweet Grandma who had me over to the house all the time as a child & treated me as one of her very own grandchildren. She was always going to be 65 in my eyes and baking up something good in the kitchen. But time does pass and we all grow older, even if we don’t see it coming. When I got the call from Bitzy, I didn’t know what to do… I didn’t want her to lose her oh-so-special Grandma. All I could ask was, “Do you want me to come and take pictures of you with her?” It’s all I could offer and I wasn’t sure if she would want them. She told me it would mean the world to her, so the next morning, I drove over to her Grandma’s house and met the family there. I just stood back and watched the love pour out over this woman. So many tears and laughs were shared over the amazing memories she created for her family. I only spent a couple of hours with them and as I packed up my things and started to say goodbye, it was then that Bitzy said through her tears to everyone in the room, “She’s gone.” I didn’t anticipate being there when she passed. In fact, I really wanted Colleen’s last hours/moments to be with her husband, children and grandchildren. But she left this world. And even though my cameras were packed away, it was at this time that I saw so much love fill that room. Love for Grandpa, love for Grandma and love for each other. It’s quite a miracle to be on the outside of things and witness such love. I mentioned after posting the image to Instagram, that I see the true & full depth of love at two times in life… birth and death. And both of these, I document through imagery… I think its why I’m so drawn to these moments… its the love. It’s love that cannot be described with any amount of words.

shakopee_mn_family_photography_01 shakopee_mn_family_photography_02 shakopee_mn_family_photography_03 shakopee_mn_family_photography_04 shakopee_mn_family_photography_05 shakopee_mn_family_photography_06 shakopee_mn_family_photography_07 shakopee_mn_family_photography_08 shakopee_mn_family_photography_09

Oh… where do I begin? From the very first time I met Lisa in 2009, I heard about Johnny… Johnny was her most favorite person in the entire world. He’s one of the largest reasons she chose to move her business from the cities down to the Marshall area (much to my protest and dismay). And it is his love story with his wife, Lisa’s grandmother, that inspired the name and legacy behind Lisa’s business, Johnny and Dottie. This man (along with Deb, Lisa’s mom who also makes an appearance in the images below) raised Lisa and her siblings and took care of every person who ever came to his door, without question, every single time. I got to spend an entire day with Lisa and Johnny back in December. The day was meant to be just about all the best memories Johnny has built for Lisa. They spent the day sharing stories over coffee, baking a pie, dancing in the kitchen to their favorite artist, and just being together. I did the best I could capturing their stories… this was something I wanted Lisa to have more than anything… I left feeling like there was still more, but I soon realized its because there is no way to capture all who Johnny was – he will always be so much more to Lisa, her mom, and her children than I could ever try to understand. It’s the way I feel about losing my own grandmother (the woman behind my business name)… the relationship and love that we have for our grandparents is something only we can feel deep inside us. I did fall in love with Grandpa Johnny when he insisted on dancing with me in the kitchen that day. It’s a memory I will hold close to my heart for a very long time. I hope that these images and memories will be ones that Lisa forever holds tight in her heart. This man will be missed so much!

grandfather_granddaughter_portrait_session_01 grandfather_granddaughter_portrait_session_02 grandfather_granddaughter_portrait_session_03 grandfather_granddaughter_portrait_session_04 grandfather_granddaughter_portrait_session_05 grandfather_granddaughter_portrait_session_06 grandfather_granddaughter_portrait_session_07 grandfather_granddaughter_portrait_session_08 grandfather_granddaughter_portrait_session_09

At 9pm she said, “I think my water just broke!” By midnight, Cara & Mike were at Fairview Ridges Hospital and I was on my way, too. Normally, I would wait till I get some updates about how mom is progressing, but something told me that I should just head out before getting any updates. Its a good thing I did! When I arrived at the hospital, they were prepping the room for sweet baby’s arrival! Beautiful little Paige made her entrance only minutes later. I love dad’s expression when he first sees Paige! Congratulations Mike & Cara – I’m so happy for you!

fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_01 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_02 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_03 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_04 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_05 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_06 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_07 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_08 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_09 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_10 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_11 fairview_ridges_hospital_birth_photography_12

They’re having twins! My job that day was to pick up coordinating paint colors for each baby and enough for Mom, Dad, Brother & Sister. I wrapped the bottles in tape (a much harder task that it seems it would be) and then this happened…

paint_gender_reveal_01 paint_gender_reveal_02 paint_gender_reveal_03 paint_gender_reveal_04 paint_gender_reveal_05 paint_gender_reveal_06 paint_gender_reveal_07 paint_gender_reveal_08 paint_gender_reveal_09 paint_gender_reveal_10 paint_gender_reveal_11 paint_gender_reveal_12

  • Megan - February 21, 2014 - 7:30 pm

    This is amazing. Big sister with the stink eye is stellar, did she want a sister and not know yet?! What fun! Congrats to them!!