Kynlie : Birth Day

She’s my beautiful little niece and I’m crazy about her! I got a text from Joe (my brother-in-law) at 7am in the morning saying they were heading to the hospital. Tony and I got up, got Briggs ready (yes, we were all going to be there to meet the newest member of the family AND to finally find out will Briggs have a little boy or girl cousin) and just as I was packing up my camera bag, I got another text, “They just checked Kels, she’s at a 7, come soon!” I left Tony and Briggs behind to finish up breakfast and told them to meet me there. I love the photo of Kelsey saying hi to Briggs when he first gets there – it melts my heart to know how much he is loved by his aunties and uncles :). Kelsey and Joe didn’t have to wait too much longer for the greatest gift of their lives… Kynlie was born just before 1pm and she was (& still is) one of the the most beautiful babies I know! This little one is loved so much!

My favorite parts of the day? Glad you asked!
– How incredibly loving and supportive Joe is
– How beautifully emotional Kelsey’s mom, Geralyn, was over meeting her first grandchild
– The moment that Joe walked out to tell everyone waiting that they just had a baby GIRL!
– I remember becoming an auntie for the first time… watching Kelsey’s two sisters experience this was so surreal and special
– The text that Kelsey sends to her dad just before she begins pushing
– And mostly… to see Kelsey become a mommy right before my eyes! We spent many hours talking about this very moment <3 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_01 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_02 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_03 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_04 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_05 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_06 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_07 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_08 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_09 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_10 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_11 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_12 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_13 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_14 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_15 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_16 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_17 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_18 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_19 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_21 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_20 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_22 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_23 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_24 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_25 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_26 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_27 waconia_hospital_birth_photography_28

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