Yep… she just really IS that stunning while carrying their first baby… Sarah makes 8 months pregnant look amazing! And CP makes loving his wife, look like a fairytale. I loved everything about this shoot – even if the weather played a huge part in us starting this session only 10 minutes before dark! I couldn’t be happier for these two!

minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_01 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_02 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_03 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_04 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_05 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_06 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_07 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_08 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_09 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_10 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_11 minnesota_winter_maternity_photos_in_red_dress_12

  • Nana and papa - January 24, 2017 - 4:19 pm

    A beautiful couple will certainly produce a beautiful grandchild for us!! We love you guys