I get the incredible opportunity to photograph these beautiful people about twice a year! I love how they simply want their everyday-life captured. This session was all about reading books, playing in the wild flower field & sparklers (it was the eve of the 4th of July, after all!) It doesn’t hurt that they all love each other immensely, and it shows in every single photo we take:)

jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_01 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_02 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_04 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_05 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_06 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_07 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_08 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_09 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_10 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_11 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_12 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_13 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_14 jordan_mn_lifestyle_photography_15

Six months ago, I documented what is likely the most incredible day of Chris + Kim’s lives… the day their little Livy Lou was born. And then just a couple of weeks ago, I was welcomed into their home to document ‘life’ which included Olivia’s first bites of solid food. I LOVE capturing incredible moments like these – whether its every day life or the beginning of life, they are all beautiful moments and ones that our children will cherish having as they grow and have children of their own. To my friends, Kim + Chris, you are beautiful parents and you have such a precious little girl! I can’t wait to watch her grow:)

lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_01 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_02 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_03 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_04 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_05 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_06 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_07 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_08 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_09 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_10 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_11 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_12 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_13 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_14 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_15 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_16 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_18 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_19 lakeville_minnesota_lifestyle_photography_20