I’ve known Ida for quite a few years now and it was so incredible to be invited into their home to capture their beautiful little girl (she looks like a porcelain doll, doesn’t she?!). The dress is designed and made by her mommy who is oh-so-talented in pattern making and sewing! We can’t forget her daddy, either… who is wonderfully sweet and absolutely smitten with both of his girls 🙂

christmas_baby_6_months_01 christmas_baby_6_months_02 christmas_baby_6_months_03 christmas_baby_6_months_04 christmas_baby_6_months_05 christmas_baby_6_months_06 christmas_baby_6_months_07 christmas_baby_6_months_08 christmas_baby_6_months_09 christmas_baby_6_months_10 christmas_baby_6_months_11 christmas_baby_6_months_12 christmas_baby_6_months_13 christmas_baby_6_months_14

I adore this family! I have had the opportunity to photograph their wedding, a day-after wedding session, one of Andy’s military homecomings and now what is the biggest the day of their lives… the birth of their super adorable baby girl, Emily <3

Andy is your true All-American Air Force hero and Jes is one of the best boudoir and wedding photographers in the state! But I know that they are going to be some of the best parents on the planet. Emily is truly a blessed baby girl!

duluth_mn_birth_photography_01 duluth_mn_birth_photography_02 duluth_mn_birth_photography_03 duluth_mn_birth_photography_04 duluth_mn_birth_photography_05 duluth_mn_birth_photography_06 duluth_mn_birth_photography_07 duluth_mn_birth_photography_08 duluth_mn_birth_photography_09 duluth_mn_birth_photography_10 duluth_mn_birth_photography_11 duluth_mn_birth_photography_12 duluth_mn_birth_photography_13 duluth_mn_birth_photography_14 duluth_mn_birth_photography_15 duluth_mn_birth_photography_16 duluth_mn_birth_photography_17 duluth_mn_birth_photography_18 duluth_mn_birth_photography_19 duluth_mn_birth_photography_20 duluth_mn_birth_photography_21 duluth_mn_birth_photography_22 duluth_mn_birth_photography_23 duluth_mn_birth_photography_24 duluth_mn_birth_photography_25 duluth_mn_birth_photography_26 duluth_mn_birth_photography_27 duluth_mn_birth_photography_28 duluth_mn_birth_photography_29 duluth_mn_birth_photography_30