Ian made his debut early, fast and to a super tough mama! I’m always amazed at those mamas who do med-free births and make it look so easy because I know first-hand that its the furthest thing from easy! It’s always such an honor to be invited to capture a family’s life-changing beautiful event like a birth. I heart this “job” that I have:)

A very big congratulations to this sweet adorable family (& friends of ours)!

ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_01 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_02 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_03 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_04 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_05 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_06 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_07 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_08 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_09 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_10 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_11 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_12 ridgeview_waconia_hospital_birth_13


I’ve tried writing this blog post a hundred times in my head, but I’m no writer (for those that follow the blog, you know that I don’t write a whole lot!), so here I am struggling again in how to put this incredible birth into words. I’ll never do their birth story justice, so use your imagination and know that everything was even more incredible than I could try to put into words here. It doesn’t help that Kendra is one of my nearest and dearest friends… I adore her, her heart for people and The Lord, and am beyond thankful for her friendship in my life. And now I can add, “Super Labor Woman” to her list of amazing qualities! She (and Dan, aka “Super-Loving Support Daddy”… seriously, look at him and his love for his wife!) actively labored for THREE days!! I was only with them for 24-ish hours (still my longest birth yet)! Rockstars… they are rockstars… and Kendra did the whole 3 days med-free until the absolute very end when her body just wouldn’t progress any further. Kendra and Dan started at the most lovely place to birth a baby, Health Foundations in St. Paul, but were transferred to Regions Hospital when her body needed a little support to help them meet this sweet babe they’ve waited so long for! In the end, a c-section was the the last resort and necessary to help bring sweet Luca into the world – but all that mattered was he was here and he was perfect in every way!

I may or may not have bawled my eyes out when Dan went over to meet their new baby and I was left with Kendra for a short minute… and I may have bawled again when editing these photos… I LOVE watching people I love become Mommy and Daddy!!!

health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_01 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_02 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_03 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_04 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_05 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_06 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_07 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_08 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_09 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_10 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_11 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_12 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_13 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_14 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_15 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_16 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_17 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_18 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_19 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_20 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_21 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_22 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_23 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_24 health_foundations_mn_birth_photography_25

  • Noemi Hedrick - March 24, 2016 - 10:59 pm

    Absolutely. Beautiful. Seriously. Gorgeous. I felt like I was there. Incredible moments captured for a lifetime. Tasha…you are so talented!