This family has quickly grown a special place in my heart. We share a lot of the same values in this life, so its easy to get caught up in conversation while we are supposed to be shooting :). But that doesn’t stop us from capturing their beautiful love for one another & their gorgeous children. We ventured out around Lake Harriet because Auntie, Grandma and Grandpa were all in town visiting so we had to sneak them in a few as well!

lake_harriet_family_photography_01 lake_harriet_family_photography_02 lake_harriet_family_photography_03 lake_harriet_family_photography_04 lake_harriet_family_photography_05 lake_harriet_family_photography_06 lake_harriet_family_photography_07 lake_harriet_family_photography_08 lake_harriet_family_photography_09 lake_harriet_family_photography_10 lake_harriet_family_photography_12 lake_harriet_family_photography_13

These two were married on July 2 back in Washington where Ailea and her family are from. I had the honor to photograph their MN reception at one of his family’s favorite places… Legends Golf Club. This group was so much fun to capture and they had me laughing all afternoon with their silly antics. I couldn’t have asked for a better last-minute-friday-night-wedding-reception couple (& their families) to photograph! Bonnie (Charlie’s mom), you know how to throw an incredible party! Thank you, all, for having me along! legends_golf_club_wedding_01 legends_golf_club_wedding_02 legends_golf_club_wedding_03 legends_golf_club_wedding_04 legends_golf_club_wedding_05 legends_golf_club_wedding_06 legends_golf_club_wedding_07 legends_golf_club_wedding_08 legends_golf_club_wedding_09 legends_golf_club_wedding_10 legends_golf_club_wedding_11 legends_golf_club_wedding_12 legends_golf_club_wedding_13 legends_golf_club_wedding_15 legends_golf_club_wedding_16 legends_golf_club_wedding_17 legends_golf_club_wedding_18 legends_golf_club_wedding_19